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Dizayn Group

Dizayn Group was established in 1987 for developing and applying projects in sanitary piping sector and started to manufacture floor heating pipes in September 1992, then indoor clean water pipes. Now it is the largest of the Mir Holding companies.

Dizayn Group organized many educational and promotional activities for popularizing plastic pipes use and makes production in its facilities in Corlu, Azerbaijan and Trabzon, which has a total of closed production area over 3,500m2 and a total of open production area over 100,000 m.
Dizayn Group reserves 5% of its turnover every year for R&D and every product developed by the Group bears certificates, each received from international independent institutions.
Some of these institutions are: MEYER ISO 9001:2008, DVGW (Germany), Hygiene Institute (Germany), GOST (Russia), IMA (Germany), GOST (Ukraine), TSE (Turkey)
Dizayn Group exports to more than 80 countries, most important regions being the Middle East, South America, West and East Europe, Russia, Turkic Republic, North Africa, Far East and Australia. Dizayn Group also has more than 100 patents for products developed. In addition, Dizayn Group has been awarded in July 2004 by Turkish Patent Institute for its contribution in development of technology in our country and the world.
The reason for Dizayn Group to achieve such a success in a very short time is the three separate missions. With Product Development mission, Dizayn Group manufactures from 12mm to 1600 mm diameter high pressure, from 50 mm to 8000 diameter low pressure, Polyethylene and Polypropylene raw material resilient to high soil and traffic load, 23 different systems with flow and more than 4,000 product varieties.
Product groups developed by Dizayn Product
Indoor clean water systems
Indoor waste water system
Indoor heating installation systems
Radiator product group
Infrastructure Product Group
Drinking water systems
Sewerage systems
Natural gas systems Pre-isolated city heating systems
Agricultural Irrigation Product Group
Drip irrigation systems
Sprinkler irrigation systems
Drill pipes

Dizayn Group has succeeded another first and broken a world record by producing 1600 mm diameter pipe with PN 12.5 pressure. On October 2001. Dizayn Group has manufactured this product, stated by its rivals worldwide as impossible to manufacture, with a completely different technology as the known in an excellent way. Thus, Dizayn Group has manufactured the first industrial product, the first of the world, with this record.
Dizayn Group supports dozens of doctoral, master, licensing and project studies being carried out in various universities of Turkey in recent years. Project and test subjects of these studies fall under the expertise of Dizayn Group. Articles more than 30 prepared with the support of Dizayn Group have taken place in various national and international publications.
Dizayn Group with Investor Mission invests in its products. Dizayn Group, in coming years, aims at becoming a multinational firm acting on international platform with its internal and external investments.
Dizayn Group with its Project Development Mission takes the fluids from where there is too much and returns them where there is less and develops projects for urban heating, meeting need of drinking water, agricultural irrigation. Here it projects a complete system with primary and secondary distributions and makes systems for the project.
Dizayn Group who has many successful projects at home and abroad was awarded with “Water and Water Management” award by UNESCO with its project taking water to Sudan. The award ceremony, held in Cannes, France was performed under “Water Symposium”. The most important feature of this award is that it was granted to a private company, Dizayn Group, for the first time in its history.
On the other hand, Dizayn Group was entitled to participate in World Final of the contest as the owner of both Universal Contribution Award and First Prize in Turkey final of World Young Entrepreneur Businessman Contest. İbrahim Mirmahmutoğulları, the chairman of Mir Holding, has represented our country successfully in World Final, an international organization and held in Philippines with the participation of Germany, England, Netherlands, totally 12 countries and awarded with World Young Entrepreneur Businessmen Contest.
Another project carried out successfully by Dizayn Group is “Brain Power versus Brain Migration” campaign. The goal of the campaign first of which was held in 2002 is to prevent productive minds from transferring abroad and provide support for the projects to be acquired for the economy.